Browncross Healthcare is starting a mentoring program. This is necessary in order for our previous students who are doing well in their career to be able to assist the new students and new staff who are just starting their career.


We believe assistance like this will go a long way in producing better healthcare worker who will be able to meet up with the students of the twenty first century healthcare and continuously provide quality care for their clients while fashioning a good career pathway for themselves.


Please note that this program is voluntary and members will be free to decide the amount of time they can give to mentor and the regularity of the process. In addition mentors can decide with the mentees whether they will be talking over the phone, via emails, text, etc or whether they will prefer to meet for to face to face at a convenient place. The initial meeting can be arranged within Browncross premises so that you can put a face to who you are supporting with him/her progress.


If you are interested in a Mentor who you can talk to regarding your career progression, please call 020 7488 2983 and give your name and number to Shalini who will endeavour to link you up with one of our ex students who may be able to support you with your career progress.


If you would like to be a mentor, please call Nasima on 020 7488 2983 to register your interest. We will expect you to have done our training at some point and you are doing well with your career progression. However, if not but you are working for or have worked for Browncross in the past, we will still cherish your support.  

Our mentors would presently be nurses, managers/deputies, team leaders, senior carers etc.