Summer Promotion for Registered Nurses


Following our previous nurses recruitment drive, we are running a summer/half year promotion for the registration of various categories of registered nurses to support clients.

Browncross will pay an introducer of a registered nurse £200 introduction / thank you fee once the registered nurse covers 200 hours of work for the organisation.

The same amount can be paid repeatedly depending on the number of nurses you introduce. Introduction of five registered nurses will come up to a tidy sum of £1000, which may be handy for a decent holiday or other pressing expenses in this austerity time, as far as the nurses cover the required hours.

Please ask the prospective nurse to contact Nasima in registration department, on 020 7680 1488, to discuss with her when the nurse will like to commence registration and the documents to bring in. Please remember to ask the nurse to mention your name as the introducer so that this can be passed to Accounts department.

Please note that a new nurse can only be introduced by one staff and in cases of dispute regarding the introducer, the new nurse’s decision regarding the introducer will be final.

This promotion will run until 16th December 2013.

We hope you have a brilliant summer and an excellent rest of the year.